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Monday, September 29, 2014
Wow Cant beleive this is still here

So much to add! Will be Updating!

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009
How I started in racing

                Many ppl have asked how I ever got into racing in the first place! Itís simple really just took someone to tell me I couldnít do it! When I was in high school about 11th grade I got my first car which was a 1989 Ford Festiva! I loved that car but everyone made fun of it because it was small and not as nice as their cars. Everyone else had their parents buy them a car or give them a nice car. It pissed me off especially when I told me teacher I can keep up with their car he said I couldnít. They have bigger pockets then me and my best chance was too moved on to something else. I didnít like that answer at all! So I hooked up that Ford Festiva and won 4th place in my first car show getting me a trophies and putting me in the year book for the car guy of the school. No one could touch the features I had in my Festiva but they were faster.

                In 12th grade I wanted as faster car to beat them so I bought myself a 1991 Acura Integra! This was my first stick shift car and must say it was pretty fast. This car got me into street racing and did very well. I then changed it up on tuning with computers and pulleys and this car was beating everyone in school. So once again I made year book again for the car guy and this time I held it everyone knew if they wanted to hook up a car they came to me! I was pleased and my teacher was happy in my progress but it wasnít enough. I wanted to see if I could beat myself!

                In college I got myself a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse for a new show car. I hook this car up with everything I could think of and it blew everyone away by miles! Ever show I entered I left with a trophies! The car got in 9 magazines and 3 calendars with tons of ppl knowing it as pimping purple! Then I changed the outside to orange and it was the giant pumpkin :p On I love that name too I actually raced a Hurst on Halloween with the giant pumpkin and of course the pumpkin one with the bottle of nitrous it had.  Now I needed a faster car!

                After college and graduating year I got a 2001 Honda s2000 which blew everyone mind cause thatís considered an exotic in some areas! I got that car from a snobby child that would refer to the car has his dirty underwearÖ be at mind this kid drop this s2000 for a Porsche  BoxerÖ what a noob! Anyway I hooked that up and not only did it rip that Porsche a new one it I started getting new rivals every day. I race and race and race until I got even more parts to have it turbocharged by greddy! This kit was in it prototype stage and I was number 7 out of the first 17 ppl to have the kit and install it. The car got in 3 magazines, a music video and had a chance to be in the fast and furious 4 movie. After all that I achieve my goal and started racing in carts.

                I know race for aca performance and team greddy and it has been an amazing trip! Iím far from done so u can best believe I have some new idea for some new projects. My theme for my cars and life is to stay custom till Iím old grey and busted I donít want to follow anyone foot step around here. Each car I had no one had upgraded as much as I did when I had it but when I got rid of the car it was becoming a common car. HmÖ what will my new projects be? I already have that work done! :P I will tell u another time!

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009
Over Heated!!!

                As of recently my car has an overheating problem. The car I drive for a daily driver is a 1997 Volvo 850. What was happening was when I was driving I would hear ticking noise and my oil light would flash (this was once and only for a min) when I pulled over I noticed everything was hot. I took off my engine oil cap pulled all my dip sticks up and open my coolant reservoir! I notice it was shooting antifreeze everywhere! After freaking out I let it cool and see if I could make a better idea of what was going on.

                First I checked my oil dip stick and the level was good. I also checked the transmission dip stick and it was fine also! After being calm that I had oil in the car I put the oil cap back on and checked for any leaks under the car there was a coolant water leak which I found was strange. I take care of my cars good I donít have leaks in my cars thatís now how I roll! So I looked at the coolant container and poured more water in it and notice I had a crack in the reservoir! But I was miles from a junkyard so I silicone it together and put some fluid in and tried to get home before I over heat again.  On the way I couldnít help to think what caused it to happen in the first place!

                When I got off work that day I looked on line to see what could cause it to do that and the answer came up twice a bad thermostat and water pump propeller. I was really hoping it wasnít anything with the water pump because I didnít want to deal with that kind of trouble but I did check the thermostat and sure enough it was stuck with only a little opening. I was guessing the pressure was too much and then reservoir snap on its end which was why I was leaking antifreeze which was the reason my motor was over heating and smoking.  So I went to a junk yard and an auto shop for the parts!

                After getting the parts and installing them I tested the car for 3 days.  Day one was just a run from my home to my moms and backs no problems. Day two drove around and turned on the air conditioner to see how the temperature looked again no problems. Day three I drove with the heater to see if I hear any drips and it was perfect no problems! So the overheating was solved! I was sooo pleased!

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Sunday, October 04, 2009
Easy Money!

                Spare cash is something Iím working on its something I need! For me to keep to my plain I must used everything I already in my possession! That includes selling things, manual labor, any income I can obtain. These things I can do as untaxed jobs for an income!

                I sell things on craigslist for a way of making income. Since I stop my transporting business, I have looked for more legal things to sell.  Things that I sell are women clothes, mainly fantasy or intimate things such as platform high heels, latex, and etc. My started selling my old racing parts such as turbo chargers, cams, and OEM parts! My main things of sales are video games! I called it Dz shops! So far it works well and ppl become more interested in purchasing things that they know have been tested and sound a bit more professional rather than the occasional email or call me here. So far I average about 100 extra dollars a month from thing I donít use anymore!  

                Now I also do manual labor jobs as well which are again tax free cash in pockets! I work on some car that I am familiar with for some side jobs mainly fluid changes. I also do manual labor like fixing house hold things and helping ppl move. My major labor job is painting walls, porches, ceilings everything I keep my own things and wash em so I can reuse them. The averages I make from those jobs are about 200 extra dollars a month just on some back breaking sweat.

                The last thing I do is anything o get income without spending too much money if any! Things like coupons, sweepstakes, lottery, and scratch offs. I donít spend more than 20 bucks on these things. The average I make from these things about 50 dollars.

                These extra jobs donít pay too much but itís about an average of 350 dollars without spending much more than 20 dollars! That extra money goes back into saving or gas or whatever else I may need it for, floss, socks and etc.

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Saturday, October 03, 2009
Unemployment Grant?

                The idea of a grant in an economy like that seems almost impossible! I plan to try to get one from the unemployment office for me to learn a new trade. The grant could be 1 dollar to 5000 dollars and with the training for the trade I am looking at the cost 4000 dollars. First I need to show them that I have at least did research on the trade I want. Next I will have to prove to them that they arenít wasting their money on me. Then I will have to make this an easy process by doing most of the work for them. This should get me a super clear way to getting a grant!

                First I have to do research on the trade so that I will be guaranteed work after I complete the training! I went out an asked ppl about the job and how itís holding up with the economy; I spoke with them about the pros and cons, and even for job openings! Everything was in the green so that part was competed easy I already got names of companies and ppl to talk to about it. I took a test to show that driving is one of my gifts and I also took a class on info about the jobs opening!  Everything in this process is about two weeks of work!

                Next I shaved my head got me some clean clothes and made sure to wear the best of colon when I went to meet with them on the progress on their end. Each and every time they were pleased with my appearance, and my communication skills. I did so well they even gave me some jobs for them painting there Houses or working on their cars. I have gained their trust in that the grant money would be put to good use!

                The final part of this process is making the job easier for them. Being they are a government/ state job they donít move as quickly as ppl would like due to the high volume of clients they are working with. So doing some of the homework for them is a plus and if they recognize this I get potential boosted while someone who is unorganized reminds in the same time set. All the info is saved and all they have to do is sign and give me the grant!

                Once these steps are taken the grant will be as good as mines! There would be no reason to deny me the grant. This grant will pay for my training in getting my CDL class A license which means I can drive any kind of vehicle, bus, car, tractor trailer anything with multiple wheels and tires just about!  

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Friday, October 02, 2009

                I have been on unemployment since July 09, itís been alright because I do have a job but I only work 20 hours a week. The plan with unemployment is to try to use it until I have a better plan for my future furthermore get my money back from the government. I need to first have enough to survive off of while I am on this little vacation from management abuse. Second I will need to find ether a trade or schooling for a better job since my automotive ideas took a horrible down fall with the economy. The third thing I need is a date to get back to work before unemployment goes up. This plan is basically a break a well earned one!

                Well first I needed to have enough to survive off of unemployment! With my unemployment I get 319 a week after taxes which is at least 1200 a month. I also work 20 hours at jiffy lube for the weekends which brings an extra 2 to 300 a paycheck. So 1200 plus letís say 400 comes to 1600 a month. My necessities come up to about 1165. The rest of the money I am using for other things, gas, clothing, cleaning tool and etc. In addition I am got food stamps for a little bit so thatís an extra 200 a month so basically I have 1800 a month to survive off of.

                Next I had the choice of either going back to school with my V.A. benefits or using the unemployment grant for a new trade. I decided to go with the trade because itís quicker where as I could go back to school but I would have to take out a loan. I donít trust loans right now in this economy! So trade it is! My plan is to use the trade then afterwards use my V.A. for other trades. V.A. usually pays at least 400 dollars the most I seen for schooling or trade am 900 and thatís a big relief for a way to try to better urself.  I could also use the rest of the V.A. money for bills or save up for better things I will need in my goal to being successful.

                Then I need to have a date for when I need to get back to full work. The vacation is cool but laziness isnít me! If I didnít set up little projects for myself I would go crazy! Apparently u have 26 weeks to have unemployment which is about 6 months. I started it in July it ends in Jan I wanted to be ready to work by November then start working no later than December. By that time I can leave unemployment and start working hard to make money.

                This plan is one that requires patience, which I donít have too much up but Iím learning. Hopefully everything moves smoothly if not at least I have a plan to follow. Kind of like instructions to a life I would like to have.

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Thursday, October 01, 2009
Leaving Racing?

                Leaving the racing team is not something I really want to do but to obtain my dreams to the next level I must go. Itís cool to race on carts but I want to be back in real cars again. New things I will have to look into are training for physical health. Next I will need new set up for races I think 1 car for each set up is what I would need. The last thing would be transportations to the events and shows.

                The 1 part of my plan is to look into training with my own trainer it cost a lot of money for one of those the average price seems to go from 600-1200 and thatís only for 2 weeks with the trainer! I might have an old friend that use to be a trainer I can talk to but I would have to pay for his gym membership. Maybe I could do that gym member ship for a year is 300 which is half as much as the 600 for a trainer and I could train with him all the time. If it doesnít fall through I can pay the fees for the trainer but I wonít like it. Plus I know the guy is a hard ass so itís going to be annoying.

                The 2nd part of the plan is to look up cars for each set up of racing. I want to continue my SCCA racing. I would like to have a car set up for circuit racing, drifting, and drag racing! Cars I want for circuit racing are European cars they have the torque for straights and turns with pretty smooth body design for aerodynamics. Cars I want for drifting are import/ Japanese cars with such light weight and most ideal cars already have power in the motor I could spin relatively quickly. My drag car must be American made with the high torque of 8 cylinders on their side.

                The 3rd part requires me to have a way of transportations. Iím thinking about selling my Volvo for a diesel truck. I know I want an extra large cab for food, friends, and family and I want 4wd thatís a must with duals for towing.  Most towing trucks can tow at least 10,000lbs which is at least 1 car per event. Plus most diesel trucks have very good mileage on fuel and are automatic so I donít have to worry about driving in traffic. With the 4wd I will also be safer in driving in the snow as well so I can race in racing sessions and do car shows in the other.

                Now I have an idea for how I will get back into racing I will need to get much more descriptive on which set up to go with but for now this plan works. I got a vague plan for health, cars, and transportationÖ I should also look up storage for the cars. I might rent out a space until I have enough to get my own home and build a garage in the back.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009
New Pains

This is the start to a future that may be unconfirmed. I know I want to be famous and I know I want to be successful. To be successful u need to be financially safe and to be famous u have to have a talent for something that is different than others.  Right now I have too much baggage for ether so I need to get rid of the baggage that weights me down from reaching my goals. My plan is to 1 have a little debt as possible! 2. I need to get a job that makes an income of at least 30 grand. 3. I need to work on the things I have and make em better.

The first problem I need to fix is getting rid of my debt and do it fast. Yes I can take care of m y bills and pay them off with a slow recovery but time doesn't wait for anyone so why should I. I decided to jump right into bankruptcy. I know the thought is scary when u really think about it but I feel it's a hardship worth taking. All my debt goes to 0 in less than 3-6 months. I will only have bills for necessities which only come up to about 1200 a month for all my bills. This is a big plus but the down side is I lose my race car, I lose all my credit, and it stays on my credit for about 7-10yrs. If things go the way I have planned out I think it's worth it. Plus with only paying 1200 a month I can actually save money.  A great man once told me to gain it all u must lose it all to achieve the highest of goals.

The second problem I must fix is finding a job making at least 30k a year. Now I have a degree in automotive science but the American automotive industry is on a downhill and is way too risky to be in at the moment. So I need a new trade; one I can also use my knowledge of vehicles and technology! I have been looking around at different trades, plumbing, pilots, engineers, and etc. I think my best bet would be CDL right off the back. Right now that's one of the most secure jobs out there but it's also a lonely one. I've always been a loner so as long as I have good memories I will make time for the ones I truly care about. The starting pay for a CDL driver is 32-40k and that's for local if I drive coast to coast ur talking 80-100k. With my debt being very low I would be able to bank some serious money into other ideas I have.

The third problem I have to face is work on the things I already have to make them better. Right now I have my body, my apartment, my car. All of these things need to be upgraded eventually to achieve the goals I want to achieve. My body I will have to do my own training and break away from the team. The cost for the training I want to look into is about 900 but I can start low with one day for 50 bucks. I like the Volvo so I think I will ether keep it until I save up enough to purchase a diesel truck. My apartment I will have to look for better prices I like it small because that means less furniture to buy and easy to move. But the price can be worked on.

I know right now from the unknowing eye it looks like I'm walking 5 steps forward and 20 back but I know the 5 steps will be stress free and able to gain more than owe. I will continue making more plans on each idea but until then I want to keep focus and determine for better days. Even though I believe the American dream is destroyed the ability to take control is now our own personal responsibility then to just give up and take life as we have it. I want better things not just for me but to protect those I care about. I will keep posting each time I get a new idea or a new thing happens. Thanks for reading!

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Friday, October 17, 2008
from bad to worst part 2

   This has been a pretty bad time and well it didn't get better. I couldn't stand being dirty so I ended up looking for a hotel to rest once in a while. This was a bigger plus because I couldn't have my ex sleep be in the van 24 hours while I worked and etc. Thats just insane! Also knowing hotels were pricey I sent looking for a third part time job to have. I also heard that the streets were now owned by a few new other car clubs. My whole world was just upside down.
   I looked around for prices between hotels and motels and I decided hotel would be better due to cleanliness and better quality. Further more it was right across the street so it helped me out with work. That way I could get a good shower and go to work fast. Then my ex could watch tv look up jobs or whatever.
   The job search went fast after papa john hired me on the spot for a delivery driver. This was perfect with really flexible hours I wouldn't have to worry about it interfering with any other jobs. Plus cash in my pocket would be great.
   I did try to go out to the street crews for a bit there was a lot of new faces and the old faces didn't recognize me. I gain weight, grew a lot of hair with out a hair cut, plus drove a broken van rather then my sports car not to mention the sleeping girl in the passenger seat. None of the new ppl knew who I was though I would hear them talk about the turbo s2k that just disappear a while ago. Some ppl don't believe there ever was a turbo s2000. While the ones I said it was me just didn't believe me. It was irritating hearing that.
   Things just were not looking better any time soon...

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Monday, October 13, 2008
from bad to worst part 1

   First of all I wanted to say sorry for everyone for being away from so long this didn't go to good after that week. One of my very close best friends past, that ex became homeless, I became homeless, and everything was starting to crumble in a way that just felt like there was no reason to keep trying. I admit I gave up. I worked 2 jobs and lived in my van.
   Losing my best friend was one of the most painful things that had happen to me this year. I mean I just saw him not even a day ago. He lost his life on a motorcycle when a truck driver failed to see him and crashed into him killing my best friend on the spot. My friend had on all his safety stuff and was not speeding. It was just bad timing I guess but man it hurt. It felt like I was drowning I couldn't breath It was a pain I always pray I never get.
   After losing him my ex texted me letting me know she was homeless. Now yes she did ignore me and got with another guy while with me. I know ppl think I am stupid and I probably am but I don't care. I can't let someone I know good or bad go homeless.
   I became homeless after leaving my home for good. No one was paying the bills but me and things were getting heavy fast electric, cable, etc was sky rocketing on prices and with no one helping this was getting out of hand and starting to hurt my credit. So I grabbed my keys and a few things to cloths and tooth brushing tools and left.
   With in a week I lost a friend, gained my ex agian, lost my home and had a shit load of debt. I was on the run from everyone and everything. So for the mouth of july/august I hid. If I needed a shower I would bath at work. I would sneak her to my old house if no one was home for her to shower. That is how things were for a bit. Food was whatever I could get out of the vending machine at work or scraps ppl would give me. I would go to the library to get on the computer to look up house to live in the area. Nothing gave so I kept looking this was the way it worked. This was where my life was at right now.

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